Hi, I’m Chika Ilang

I interpret, refine and structure the ideas that drive growth and productivity for individuals and organisations.

As humans, it is natural that we desire more in different areas of our lives, irrespective of how amazing or terrible the current reality may be.

We often want to improve our systems and processes to ensure we enjoy the best outcome possible in whatever we do.

To achieve this, we have an idea that we trust should bring the level of progress we want.

But we need to refine these ideas and structure them in a way that they bring us these desired outcomes.

That is where I come in … partnering with you make sense out of the many sensible ideas that you trust to drive your growth and productivity as a person or an organisation.

Through my business, I unlock potentials, create solutions and platforms to disperse these solutions to meet various human needs.

My business is to create solutions for individual and organisational needs for brand development, strategy, brand campaigns, growth and productivity.

I have worked with several personal and corporate brands in different capacities; from coaching working women to birth their ideas, so as to live happy and impactful lives as they truly want to, to creating corporate strategy for organisations, facilitating staff training for organisations, and championing campaigns that sell brand stories and increase the bottom line of the organisation.

My work has been recognised and featured on media platforms like Guardian Nigeria, Ynaija, She Leads Africa, Women of Rubbies, etc.



Ogechi Oparaji

Makeup Artist

I took the 3 months caching program with Chika and I still have not recovered. I got more than my money’s worth. Before now, I was unsure and unclear about who I am, my message, product and service.

Thoughts scatter in my mind causing me to feel stuck both mentally and financially.This course helped me see clearly what I should be doing at this point in my business; I also learnt how to approach clients online and offline without the fear of rejection.

This program pushed me out of my comfort zone and I have truly become fearless. Did I mention that she also taught me how to craft attention grabbing posts? Yes, she did. That’s why I said the class was worth more than I paid for.

I’m super excited I did not let “lack of money” stop me. Thank you coach for being there for me and my business.


Systems and structure specialist

Sitting down to talk with Chika brought quite a bit of clarity for me on how to go about converting my skills into a money making system.

Her session was a “no bullshit, here’s how to get results and I need you to get it NOW” type that I was able to go on to bag my first business deal!!

That session was money well spent.


Hair Merchant

I met Chika at an event in 2017. She was introduced as the clarity queen. I decided I was going to work with her after she shared at the event.

I worked with her early 2018 and I must say , it’s one of the best sessions I have had in years. 2019 started on a rough note for me and I missed clarity on what to do. I contacted Chika and she put me back on track.

Working with Chika means working with a clear direction. I have started this journey with loads of gain ahead.