About Me

Nothing would be said about me without mentioning the role my “hunger” played in my growth. It was my “hunger” that birthed the Focus Design Method, which is basically the systematic process of creating exponential growth in life and business.

In 2012, I sent a twitter message to a random lady I read about on Facebook. In that message, I poured my heart to her, asking that she helped me with how to get started with all I had in my head. I had just completed my NYSC program, and was very eager to start something for myself instead of getting into paid employment.

The challenge however was that I was not certain of which of my many ideas I should launch, and worse of all, I didn’t know how to get started with any of them. Instead of staying idle at home, waiting for the lightbulb moment, I got a job.

Getting a job didn’t dampen this desire to launch something that is expressively me.

In 2015, I enrolled for a millinery training but dropped out after the first class. In the same year, still in my paid employment, I started selling smart kitchen tools, and gift items on Instagram.

I later added fruit arts to the mix. All these I did to occupy myself, while I figured out what fit into the vacuum I felt inside. In 2016, I withdrew from this business venture to actually take the time to figure out what I truly want in life.

It was this period that my aha moment happened. I realised all that mattered to me was making progress, creating bigger and better outcome in my life. I realised that my drive to push people to do better in order to have better was a special gift to me.

I realised I was actually unsettled because I wanted to do better and have better, even though I didn’t know how to make this happen.

I realised my strengths and accepted what was possible for me. I went through different training to harness my skill and amplify my idea.

Today I earn a living, helping individuals and organisations create bigger and better outcome than they currently do in their lives and businesses/idea.

It took me 4 years, but I’m glad I figured it out. You don’t have to spend four years or more figuring it out. 

I have found the process, the magic to the HOW, I have used this process and I’d be glad to share this process with you, so that you can birth that bigger vision you have.

Professional Bio

Chika Ilang

Chika Ilang is the lead principal at Chika Ilang International, and the creator of the Focus Design Method; which put simply, is the art and science of creating bigger and better outcome in life and business.

She works with individuals and organisations to improve their processes towards achieving exponential growth in life and business.

Chika uses her “impossibility is nothing” approach to stretch and spur her clients to reach their maximum potential.

Through her personalised one on one service, she has helped over 100 individuals move from uncertainty of what the next level of their career holds, to creating profitable value based businesses with positive growth potential.

Chika Ilang is a Mass Communication graduate of Caritas University, Enugu.Her work has earned her features on some notable media platforms like Guardian Nigeria, YNaija, Women of Rubbies, SheLeads Africa, Leading Ladies Africa among others.