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Chika Ilang Philips, the driving force behind Chika Ilang International — a vibrant brand and business consultancy.

Chika Ilang Philips is the name synonymous with innovation and strategy in the realm of business growth, brand and business development.

With an innate ability to spot hidden gems, Chika isn't just a consultant; she's the catalyst that transforms ideas into strategies that bring smiles to both faces and bank accounts.

Consider Chika your accomplice in the pursuit of business brilliance.

Collaborating with business owners, Chika sprinkles a bit of magic into each tailored strategy to achieve this feat.

Chika’s gift for strategy and innovation bridges gaps in businesses, creating frameworks that transform challenges into triumphs.

Chika’s passion extends to the vibrant African business landscape, where she is committed to partnering with founders to grow businesses of African descent or/and within the African ecosystem.

She’s your go-to girl for all things strategy and innovation, turning gaps into golden opportunities.

Armed with a degree in Mass Communication and backed by certifications in project management and distributive strategy, Chika’s credentials are as strong as her commitment to excellence.

Her clients will tell you that working with Chika is a masterclass in trust and collaboration. Her dedication to delivering results goes hand in hand with her grounded expertise, making her the ultimate ally on your quest for success in your business.

As the invisible architect, Chika breathes life into ventures, fine-tunes business gears for maximum productivity and profit, and engineers marketing campaigns that hit like a heavyweight champion.

Be it practical wisdom or valuable insights, Chika’s social media and email outlets are treasure troves of knowledge. To fully embrace her guidance for free, you’re invited to explore both avenues here.

Empowered by a season of unstoppable growth, Chika navigates life from a place of serenity and purpose.

Spirituality, respect, empathy, kindness, and honesty are some of the cornerstones of her life.

Beyond her professional journey, Chika is an explorer of diverse passions.

She is on a countdown to 2028 when she’ll be making a debut in the entertainment industry.

Speaking of passions, nothing beats the joy of seeing one’s hair perfectly styled, even though sitting still for the process is a real challenge for Chika.

Food? Let's just say it holds a special place in her heart, but she is far from a glutton.

And of course, she can't resist the allure of fashion.

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