Elevate Your Business with tailored strategies that work!

Gain the clarity you need to grow your business to earn and impact more

Running a business can be a rollercoaster

This minute it feels like you got figured out

Next minute you are wondering if you even know what you are doing at all..

Many times, this second phase leaves you helpless.

But can I let you in on something you may have missed?

This is exactly how it should be.

I mean, you faced a business hurdle, you found a way out, you grew past that hurdle, you met another at the new level you just arrived … The cycle just continues.

What you know, you have applied to get the exact result you have in your business.

Now that you seek to grow your business beyond where it is presently, it is just ideal that you deliberately create an opportunity to not just know more, but to know the exact things that are guaranteed to give you the desired reality you want in your business.

Lets face it;

You know the true potential in your business

You have seen it with your mind's eyes, but somehow, your reality is far from the potential you see.

Your business should be earning and impacting more, but your reality today is that people underprice you because they do not think yours should command such fees in the marketplace … let’s just say poor perception has shown you shege (shege means a lot of unpleasant experience)

You know your onions, but only a few people know this about your business, hence patronage is low

You are overwhelmed with the many information you have consumed on business growth, which you have not been able to leverage to drive the type of growth you desire in your business

You even run ads, I am talking about the almighty google, facebook and instagram ads that you hear are game changers for others, yet the result didn't make much impact in your own business

You have slashed the price of your products and services, yet, people didn't jump on each other just to grab your offer.

It is easy for people to take advantage of your business because your systems and processes are weak

The general productivity in your business is low

Besides all these, you truly want to elevate your business beyond where it has stagnated for long

At this point, I will want to confirm, are you tired of your business operating below its true potential?

Yes? You know you have a choice, right?

So quickly book your session for AN ACCELERATOR DAY to unleash the full potential of your business, transform your business success, amplify your impact, and boost your profits.

Transform Your Business With Clarity and Ease


Truth is, our clients get the type of fast results they get because we prioritise their goals and are committed to giving them our absolute best.

Bearing that in mind, we are unable to say yes to everyone who desires to grow their business.

So, kindly read to know if we are a good match to partner with you to create more magic in your business


It is time to sculpt a clear path that ensures you navigate your business with absolute clarity, achieve remarkable success, earn more, and embrace the bliss of doing business with ease.

Say Goodbye to Generic Advice

The internet is overflowing with incredible advice, but how do you make it work for your unique business journey?

That is where I come in …

To put an end to the confusion and overwhelm of knowing what is possible for your business, without knowing how to make that possibility a reality in your business.

During your Accelerator Day, we'll craft a customised roadmap that takes you from where you are to where you want to be, without the overwhelm or guesswork.

Let me give you a picture of what booking your Accelerator Day will look like;

  • - Pre session assessment kit
  • - Full-day intensive tailored exclusively for your business
  • - A tailor-made business growth blueprint that puts you on the fast track to success
  • - Complimentary membership to our 90 Days Founders’ Accelerator Mastermind.
  • - 30 days of unwavering implementation support
  • - Weekly follow-ups for consistent advancement, and more!

Elevate your earning potential and magnify your impact.

The Accelerator Day is for you if you:

● Are a founder of Small or midsize business
● Are not just convinced there is more potential in your business, and you also want a practical framework that can birth that more
● Are tired of the many amazing insights shared online that don’t directly give you practical and tailored solution to your own business
● You are ready to commit to execute the strategy we will develop
● You are able to make the investment necessary to earn and impact more through your business
● Are launching a new business and need a rock-solid plan to get things of smoothly
● Are tired of business challenges and long for operational ease.
● Desire expert guidance to breathe life into your business vision.

Elevate your business Quickly

Let me say this now, speed is exciting especially when it is backed by clarity.

Take a moment to picture waking up every morning knowing your business's direction and earnings.

Your team operates cohesively.

Clients refer you enthusiastically

Your business gains better positioning,

and your clients are pouring in.

The reality you have always is possible for your business is finally here.

All these achieved with tranquility, not hustle … that is the reality that is possible for you through Accelerator Day.

Unlock Your Business's Full Potential

Your business deserves a strategic makeover that guarantees results.

Partner with me to assess your business, define your next steps, identify and resolve gaps, and develop a roadmap that gets results.


Together, we'll transform your business dreams into reality.

Experience remarkable transformation in just one day.

Your Transformation Awaits

Your Next Steps

Accelerator Day Pricing

Virtual Session


Physical session


Our Commitment to You

With us, there are no half measures. When we get involved in your project, we show up 100%. I will go all out and hold nothing back in this session.

I respect your time and mine too, that is why we request you bring your best too. 

The framework we will use during your VIP day is the same one I use for myself and my past clients whose feedback you can see at different points here. The framework has worked before and will surely work for you too. The framework is based on holistic audit that exposes the worm, and proffers solutions that are tailored to fit your growth phase, need, and reality.

Yes! The whole day is dedicated to charting your going forward path, one where clarity, speed and ease is possible

There are two payment options that will make it easiest for you to leverage this opportunity to grow your business

As soon as you know is the best recommendation I’ll give you

I know you excitedly look forward to your session. So your next step will be to select your preferred payment option and session type (virtual or in-person), secure your session with payment and you’ll get my calendar to book a time that suits your availability, followed by your pre-session kit that will enable both of us to prepare ahead.

I have other questions. Please, email all concerns and questions directly to me Chika@chikailang.com

Chika Ilang Philips

There are tons of free resources on growing a thriving business on the internet.

Some are even in a series covering multiple areas of business growth.

People share their strategies that got them great results.

But we all know these things are on the general note.

You must clearly understand where your business is at, understand what works there, and the exact things you need to do to achieve the type of result you want to see in your business currently.

Because of my expertise, I have successfully implemented the framework we will use for you at your VIP day.

My clients say I make it practical and I keep it real with them. They also say they are able to get the type of results they want, because of my commitment to ensure they get results.

My mission is to help you grow a thriving venture with clarity and ease. Yes, that’s a reality that awaits you after your VIP STRATEGY DAY with me..

Given that I personally have to commit to executing the strategy with you, I am unable to exceed a certain number of businesses I work with per time.

So, book your session right away to avoid waiting for an entire month before you can get a slot.