There are two different categories of female corporate executives that I want to connect with here ...

First is the set of female executives who love what they do in their jobs, but they still have something they are passionate about which they’ll also love to give an expression to, aka “launch that idea”.

The second set of female executives is those who feel underutilized. It is as though they’re wasting away on their job. To put it plainly, these ones will rather not do that job, but hey, these bills won’t pay themselves.

At least, you’ll eat before building whatever dream you’re passionate about. So they stay on the job, hoping for the day of liberation when they can finally do what they love. These ones know what they truly want as opposed to what they have now, but how to get started on the journey has been a struggle for them.

Hey Queen,

Whatever side of the divide you identify with, I am glad to connect with you. I am glad to connect with you because I understand your current phase, and have created something that will help you through this phase.

I created the Launch Bootcamp for you.

The Launch Bootcamp is a deep dive session where I’ll share with you, all the principles and strategies to launch and grow your business idea, even as a thriving female corporate executive. I do not know it all, but when it comes to launching an idea, you can count on me to bare it all with you.

At the end of this bootcamp

  • A clear knowledge of how to create your launch plan
  • How to articulate and communicate your idea in a way that is relevant to your market
  • How to identify and connect with your ideal market
  • How to build the mindset that is most relevant for this new path.
  • How to build happy audience through contents.
  • How to package your idea into a solution that meets a need
  • And much more!


Don’t take my words for it, sign up for FREE to come to have a one of a kind experience at the Launch Bootcamp.

Are you wondering why you should listen to me? Well, I have successfully nurtured my own idea into a thriving consultancy, even as a female corporate executive. I have also done the same with other female executives that I have worked with as clients.

Sis, it’s time to give expression to that idea, please, sign up for free below.