Our clarity to profit programme is one of the solutions we created to support female corporate executives build their dreams.

With our clarity to profit programme, we work directly with female corporate executives to interpret and launch their profitable business ideas.

No, this programme doesn’t undermine the beauty of full time employment, however, we cannot deny the fact that there are many executives who deeply want to jump off their jobs to a path they’re very passionate about.

The struggle many of these executives have with achieving this feat ranges from lack of clear plan of action, fear, funding, how to manage their already busy schedule and make time to build this dream, overwhelm etc.

Many of the executives in this category often feel trapped, unhappy, unfulfilled and always looking out for the next thing to jump on, in order to fill the vacuum they feel inside.

This programme is built to help these executives to gain the clarity they need to thrive on this new path.

We created this programme as a full course, focusing on key areas like: vision management, product creation, ideal market profiling, branding, content strategy, and over all brand development.

With this programme, you get tailored support and strategy to move from having an idea to launching and building a thriving venture from that idea.

The clarity to profit programme runs for 90 days, and in the course of this 90 days, you have access to monthly personalised sessions, and weekly check-ins.

This programme opens 4 times in a year, and we only admit 10 executives per batch.