Apply this process if you want to blow up your next launch in a good way

I will love to know, Ever created an amazing product or service, or maybe it was the launch of your amazing business idea.

In your mind, you felt finally, you have a solution for one of the world's problems, more like ONE PROBLEM down. Filled with excitement, you throw this brand, product or service out there, because you've poured your heart into the process that happened behind the scene.

You really poured your heart into the process of building this idea, so you are so certain everyone will jump on the lauch of this finished work.

But to your surprise, people didn’t pay attention to it at all. At the very best, you got the family and friends cheering you on. To be honest, You’re grateful they’re always by your side, but deep down, you need more than their support. You need the actuall people you created this solution for, to see it, love it, use it and recommend it to others with similar need.

With your heartbroken, you crawl back into your shell, wondering if this is actually something people need. Amidst this confusion, you think you should try again, after all, the downfall of a man, we agree is not the end of his life.

I celebrate your courage too, but hold on, grab and chew every tip that I have shared in this toolkit. This toolkit is a coincise MBA for the launch of anything .. service, product, brand, online course, campaign, YouTube channel, anything at all.

Oh wait, you can't relate with the Ugly launch tale?

Don’t worry, this toolkit is not only for those who have had it rough with their previous launches. It is an amazing launch partner for you who is just getting started with the launch of your service, product or brand.
In this toolkit, I shared everything you need to plan and execute a successful launch.  I have done my part of the job, it is now your turn to play a role in achieving your own success.
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In this Toolkit , you will learn,

How to get everyone excitedly ready to grab what you're about to lauch
How to create an easy to implement schedule
The different lauch phases and how to make the best of each phase
How to manage the overwhelm that may come with your lauch process and more!

Are you wondering why you should take launch recommendations from me? 

In the last 18 months, I have worked directly with over 35 founders to launch their brands, products/services. I am speaking of brands in fashion, skincare, consulting, coaching academy, fashion school and mostly edutech. 

I used the exact system I shared in this toolkit for all these launches. 

I am sharing this system with you because I am certain of the result it will help b=you create with your next launch. 

My name is Chika, I am the managing partner of Chika Ilang International, A boutique brand consultancy with key focus in building brands for global and local markets. 

As a brand consultancy, you will experience us best through our launch support services, campaign development, event design and branding, brand consultancy and general development services. If you are ready to lauch like a PRO, even if you have not launched before, or even launched and failed as t it before, then grab this toolkit now for FREE