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Grow Your Business With Clarity & Ease

Just in case you didn’t know before now, you are a Superstar Entrepreneur, and I’m proud of you!

Growing a business can be fun this moment, and daunting the next minute.

But it becomes smoother when you have clarity on how to navigate the different phases of business growth.

My mission is as cool as a popsicle on a summer day: to fire up growth, jazz up perception, and create a crowd of raving fans in your business.

I am the strategy nerd who can turn even the trickiest challenges into opportunities that'll make your business do the cha-cha.

Picture a world where your brand isn't just a name, but a sensation.

Where clients and customers aren't just window shopping, they're clamouring to be part of your entourage.

That's the world we're crafting, and trust me, it's more fun than a theme park adventure!

So whether:

  • You need to get more people to see and buy into your business offerings, or
  • You need to improve your business process, or
  • You need to improve how your brand is perceived in the marketplace which affects the patronage you enjoy in your business, or
  • You simply want to drive more growth in your business. Whatever this growth means to you per time …

I, Chika dey for you (I got your back!)

So tell me, what would you like
to work on with Chika?

Click the box that fits into what you need from me, and it will take you to how to access this support immediately.

Accelerator Day



Tailored Brand and Business Development Services not listed above

Create Mine

The Dawn Workshop


Clarity to Profit Programme







If you have been leaving things to chance, hoping that somehow luck shines on your business and it experiences the typeof growth you have always desired, you will agree with me that this method is not effective in any way.

A Accelerator Day offers you an opportunity to hire me as a part of your  organisation, where the focus is on instilling the specific variables and key pillars that will elevate your business for more profits and growth, achieving all from a place of peace, not “hustle”.

It is time to earn and impact more.


Growing a thriving venture can be a lot easier when you know the exact things to do to achieve the type of growth you desire in your business.

At the Dawn workshop, you are granted exclusive access to all the tea on growing a thriving venture, irrespective of your current reality, growth phase, past and current business challenges, and every and anything that could have posed a hindrance to flourishing with clarity and ease.

You also connect with, collaborate and be inspired by other high flyers growing their respective noble ventures.

To join the next high achievers at the next dawn workshop, please tap below.


The life you desire is a possibility with clarity.

The clarity to profit programme is for you corporate executive who want to live a more impactful life than you currently do.

To leverage the exclusive support the programme offers you to live the life of your dream, please, tap below and it will take you direct to the homepage.

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